Optimize Images in QuarkXPress

XTensionGluon’s DocuSlim EV ($399) is an XTension for QuarkXPress 7 that automatically “fixes” imported images.

Designers often import pictures with too high a resolution, or use images in RGB mode instead of CMYK mode, and crop, rotate and scale them inappropriately in QuarkXPress.

DocuSlim uses Photoshop to open the original image, resample it to an appropriate resolution, change RGB to CMYK or grayscale, crop it to fit the QuarkXPress picture box (with an optional “bleed”), rotate it correctly, and turn off LZW compression. Then, it reimports the picture into the QuarkXPress picture box at 100% size, unrotated, in its original position.

It can process a selection, page range, or master pages, change image file formats, create low-res versions of images, apply Photoshop Actions and run AppleScripts. Gluon also has lower-priced, slightly less capable versions for QuarkXPress 4–6 ($249).