Objects, User Events and Actions

In order to create interactive layouts, you first need to understand exactly what objects, user events, and actions are in Quark Interactive Designer. Here are some brief definitions of each:

Objects: These are the pieces of your layout that the end user interacts with. An object can be any text box, picture box, or line that you specify as an interactive object using the Interactive palette. It’s important to understand that objects are what all interactive presentations are made up of. Without them, there can be no interactivity. Remember: it all starts with objects.

User Events: This is what the end user does with the mouse, such as clicking in a certain area of the layout, or placing the mouse pointer over a specific object. Some examples are Click Down and Mouse Enter. Every action in an interactive layout is triggered by a user event.

Actions: OK, now here’s the interactive part. This is what happens when the end user triggers an object’s user event. There are over 100 different pre-built actions available in Interactive Designer, and the best part is that you can apply them without ever having to look at a single line of ActionScript code. Examples are Play Animation and Display Next Page.