Reducing File Sizes in QuarkXPress 7.3

I found this item from Thomas Allen on Quark’s user forum. It will help if your project files are bloated from re-imported pictures:

“An issue was resolved in QuarkXPress 7.3 with file sizes increasing when pictures were re-imported. You will no longer experience this issue with files created in QuarkXPress 7.3. Files created in earlier versions of QuarkXPress 7, however, will not be reduced by opening them in QuarkXPress 7.3. To reduce the file size in this case use one of the following two methods:

  • Append the bloated layout into a new project. Create a new project in QuarkXPress 7.3 using default settings. Select File > Append… navigate to and select the original file, then select Layout from the list of append items on the left of the dialog. Import the layouts you need. You can then delete the default layout you created in the new project and save this project.
  • Follow the thumbnail drag procedure document here

The file size will be significantly reduced and will not increase in size when images are re-imported.”