What You Can Create with Quark Interactive Designer

What you create with Quark Interactive Designer is entirely up to you, but in my opinion, it’s best used to create dynamic standalone presentations. These types of presentations will wow your clients and co-workers at your next meeting, and every meeting after that. Plus, SWF files are smaller and more versatile than PDFs or PowerPoint presentations. To view an SWF created with Interactive Designer, all you need is Flash Player, which most computer operating systems—across both platforms (Mac OS X and Windows XP or Vista)—are already equipped with.

Interactive Designer is also a great tool for creating animated banner ads. Setting one of these up in QuarkXPress 7 is so much easier than doing it in Flash, plus you can use the same design elements that you used in your print campaign without having to import anything. The objects can even be shared, allowing you to make edits globally across all of your QuarkXPress interactive, print, and HTML layouts.

You can also use Quark Interactive Designer to create interactive web content for use in larger HTML based websites. The Interactive palette contains many different actions for building dynamic menus, buttons, movie players, event driven audio, and animations.