24. May 2017


QuarkXPress 2017 Now Available

New Version of QuarkXPress Introduces Non-Destructive Image Editing and Adds the Ability to Create Responsive HTML5 Publications and “Unlimited” iOS Apps; Continues to be Available as a Perpetual Lifetime License – No Subscription Necessary!

Quark Software Inc. announced the official availability of QuarkXPress 2017, the newest version of Quark’s fully-integrated graphic design and desktop publishing software for professional print and digital production.

QuarkXPress 2017 introduces new graphics and image editing capabilities, such as non-destructive image editing, and extends text and typography features, such as text stroking and shading. The new version includes a range of the top user-requested features and continues to be sold as a perpetual license.

New Features Delivered
Hundreds of thousands of users around the world who value quality and performance choose QuarkXPress as one of their primary design tools based on its performance, stability, sustainable pricing structure, and consistent feature innovation. QuarkXPress 2017 delivers on all counts with new powerful features that span image and vectors, typography and text, digital publishing, and many new customer wish list features.

Major Highlights
Just a few of the many new features in QuarkXPress 2017 include:

  • Non-destructive Image Editing: Edit images by adjusting levels and curves, changing brightness and contrast, applying gamma correction and much more. All adjustments are non-destructive, so original images stay intact.
  • Adaptive Layout Conversion for Print and Digital: QuarkXPress supports the rapid conversion of print layouts into digital media or even from one print layout to another. Adaptive conversion lets designers duplicate a layout and automatically resize all design elements, even if the layout is converted to different aspect ratios.
  • Responsive HTML5 Publications (Multi Device Output): QuarkXPress 2017 can export multiple digital layouts of different sizes as a single HTML5 package. For example, designers can create a layout for an iPad (vertical and horizontal orientations), duplicate the layout using Adaptive Settings for an iPhone and adjust it accordingly.
  • Convert to Native Objects Enhancements: With the introduction of this game-changing feature, QuarkXPress is the first layout application to convert almost any third party content and layout such as PDF, Adobe Illustrator, EPS, InDesign and Microsoft Office files to native, editable QuarkXPress objects. Based on user feedback, this capability has now been greatly enhanced. For example, converted images can optionally be saved to disk and linked to the QuarkXPress layout, keeping their resolution, color model, and color profiles.
  • “Unlimited” Free iOS Apps: Use the QuarkXPress digital layout capabilities to create innovative interactive experiences, all 100% based on HTML5. Now designers can create as many single iOS apps as they would like. No subscription, no per-app fee, all done directly from within QuarkXPress 2017. ˚‡

These are just a few of the many new features included in QuarkXPress 2017. For more information please visit: www.quark.com. For a comprehensive overview of QuarkXPress 2017, check out the What’s New video. Download the free Trial Version for a fully-functional test of the new version.

QuarkXPress 2017: Switch, Upgrade, or Purchase a New License
To purchase or upgrade to QuarkXPress 2017, visit the Quark eStore, call Quark Telesales, or find an Authorised Quark Reseller.

Upgrade or Purchase: Users on any previous version of QuarkXPress (versions 3-10 and 2015) can upgrade to version 2017 for $399/£345/€399. QuarkXPress 2016 users can upgrade to 2017 for only $185/£159/€185, and new licenses are available for $849/£709/€829. Education licenses are available for $79/£69/€79.

Switch with the New Competitive Upgrade Offer: For a limited time, users of alternative graphic design software products who want to switch or add QuarkXPress to their workflow can purchase a full new license of QuarkXPress 2017 (Mac/Win) for just $399/£345/€399.

With eligible proof of ownership of a qualifying competing product, any designer can get a new full QuarkXPress 2017 license for the low price of an upgrade. Eligible products are: InDesign®,  FrameMaker®, Lightroom®, PageMaker®, Photoshop®, Capture One® Pro, CorelDraw®, Microsoft® Publisher, and Serif PagePlus®. All versions of qualifying products are accepted including, perpetual and subscription licenses, single products, or licenses that are part of a Creative Suite or Creative Cloud®. To learn more about the competitive upgrade offer please visit: http://content.quark.com/switch-to-quarkxpress-us.html.

˚ Restrictions apply
‡ Own Webserver/Domain is required

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24. May 2017


New QuarkXPress 2017 XTensions Now Available

Quark Software announced the availability of new XTensions that already support QuarkXPress 2017 – the brand new version of QuarkXPress released today. XTensions are third-party software applications that allow users to enhance and customize QuarkXPress with specific features and functionality.

“We have already seen tremendous interest in QuarkXPress 2017 from not only new and current QuarkXPress users, but also from the network of talented XTensions developers around the world,” said Gavin Drake, Vice President of Marketing for Quark. “We’re excited to have a range of XTensions already available with more to come, so that designers can add even more functionality to QuarkXPress 2017 from day one.”

New QuarkXPress 2017 XTensions available now include:

New QuarkXPress 2017 XTensions coming soon include:

  • ArabicXT by Layout Ltd. will be available in July 2017
  • Exportools Standard, BigPicture, IDML Import, Printools, and Duplica by Badia Software
  • MadeToPrint by Axaio Software GmbH
  • ID2Q by Markzware
  • Classified Ads and Obituaries and Necrology Ads by WillBit S.r.l.
  • Suitcase Fusion, Suitcase TeamSync, and Universal Type Server by Extensis
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18. May 2017


The Non-Rental Cloud/Suite for Creative Pro’s

Many people have asked me whether there are high-quality tools available for Creative Pros other than the rental suite of Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

I leave it up to you whether you prefer renting a software suite or whether you like to keep/own your tools (the license that is).

Though for me the model of “software vendor adds features and time savers into software – user decides whether it’s worth the purchase/upgrade” just feels to be more fair than “continue paying vendor as long as you use software and if you stop paying you can’t open your work files anymore.

So here are my personal recommendations for high-quality tools that do not force you to rent:

  • Illustrations:
    Renting: Illustrator
    Perpetual: Affinity Designer, CorelDraw (Win only), Gravit Designer, Sketch (Mac only)
  • Image Editing:
    Renting: Photoshop
    Perpetual: Acorn (Mac only), Affinity Photo, Photoline
  • Motion Graphic:
    Renting: After Effects
    Perpetual: Apple Motion (Mac only), Fusion
  • Music Production:
    Renting: Audition
    Perpetual: Garageband (Mac only), Waveform
  • Page Layout/Design:
    Renting: InDesign
    Perpetual: QuarkXPress
  • PDF Touchup:
    Renting: Acrobat
    Perpetual: pdfToolbox
  • Prototyping:
    Renting: Experience Design
    Perpetual: Sketch (Mac only)
  • RAW Editor:
    Renting: Lightroom
    Perpetual: Capture One, ON1 Photo
  • Video Editing:
    Renting: Premiere
    Perpetual: DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut (Mac only)
  • Web Design/Web Animations:
    Renting: Muse
    Perpetual: Hype (Mac only)
  • Web Editor/Websites:
    Renting: Dreamweaver
    Perpetual: BlueGriffon, Hype (Mac only), PineGrow

And of course this is just a personal preference, there are many others.
Which tools are you recommending and using?



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17. May 2017


Text shading done right (no workaround needed!)

For years QuarkXPress users asked for the ability to shade text (highlight text). As QuarkXPress didn’t offer this feature, there were many workarounds used, either using a custom underline style, anchor a box or by using a rule (above/below) to highlight text.

Unfortunately there can be downsides when using such a workaround. The example above cannot be done with a rule or an anchored box, as a) the highlighted text is at several places and b) breaks across lines.

Therefore in QuarkXPress 2017 we added the ability to to text shading properly. No need for workarounds.

Have a look, it’s maybe a hidden gem, as most people zoomed in on the more obvious highlights of QuarkXPress 2017 such as non-destructive Image Editing, Column split/span, responsive HTML5, free iOS app creation etc.

And probably more powerful than any other page layout application.

Powerful Text Shading in QuarkXPress 2017

In QuarkXPress 2017 there are two methods of Text Shading, for text (character) and paragraph.

Even better, additional to the “shade” you can also give it a frame.

And of course you can add text framing and text shading to style sheets.

And you can use them in a Conditional Style (for automatic formatting, e.g. highlight all instances of “today”.

Examples of Text Shading (character)

Shade any character (or word). You can use solid colors, semi-opaque colors or even multi-color gradients to highlight.

Examples of Text Shading (paragraph)

You can also add paragraph shading (and combine that with character shading).

Paragraphs can be shades as wide as the text runs, within indents or span the column (irrespective of indents).

Built-in intelligence (watch GIF)

When two paragraph shades are consecutive and have the exact same definition, QuarkXPress 2017 joins them automatically. No need for you to adjust manually.

When definitions slightly differ (as in the example below, once opacity differs), then the two shades are not joined automatically.

Examples of automatic shades (via Conditional Style)

Of course you can automate that (using Conditional Styles) to automatically highlight a specific word:

And of course it works with irregular shapes

Have boxes that are not rectangular? Just tell QuarkXPress 2017 whether it should ignore the shape of the box or automatically “clip shade to box”:

And more?

Yes, there is more, you can also add Text Framing. But that’s another story (post)…

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