Mac users: Oct 2018 some of your applications might not work anymore (but which?)

Last Friday Apple reminded everyone that “the last macOS release to support 32-bit apps without compromise is macOS High Sierra”:

What does that mean?

It probably means: When you upgrade to the next version of MacOS, which Apple will most likely release end of September 2018, that some or all of your 32 bit applications will not work correctly. Or will not work at all.

As Apple has not shared more detail than what you can read above, it’s hard to predict how much 32-bit applications will be affected. Currently we just know that they will be affected.

What are your options?

So if you still have 32-bit applications that are crucial for your workflow, you have three options:

  1. Stay on your current version of MacOS:
    As Apple typically provides security patches for the current AND the last two previous version of MacOS, you will be safe using Sierra or High Sierra for 1-2 years from Oct 2018 onwards. Then you need to revisit the other two options:
  2. Virtualize your current MacOS:
    Use a virtualization service to install your current version of MacOS in a virtual machine that you can launch. Three examples are Parallels, VMware Fusion or Virtual Box. Downside of course is the additional overhead and the performance impact.
    And you should not connect the virtual machine to the network/Internet once Apple doesn’t provide security patches for it anymore.
    Virtualization might be the only way though if you are using applications that your clients still use. Or where the application is not further developed and there’s no alternative on the market.
  3. Upgrade your 32-bit application to a newer version being 64-bit or use a different application that’s 64-bit:
    For example, upgrade QuarkXPress 9 to at least QuarkXPress 2015. Or upgrade Photoshop CS5 to at least CS6. Or switch to a different image editing application like Affinity Photo.

You still have until September 2018 to make up your mind. Just don’t wait until the last second.

How to find out which of your applications are still 32-bit?

To find out which applications might be affected, you need to find out which applications are not yet 64-bit. Here’s how to easily find out:

  1. Hold the option key, go to Apple menu and choose the first menu item (now called “System Information…”)
  2. In the sidebar of System Information navigate down to “Software > Applications” and select it.

  3. Wait for a few seconds (time depends on how many applications you have installed)

  4. You will see all applications installed. Click on the column “64 Bit” to sort for “No”

Now you will see ALL applications that are not yet 64-bit as well as – further down – all applications that are already 64-bit.

Which version of QuarkXPress is 64-bit?

QuarkXPress 7, 8, 9 and 10 are not 64-bit.

QuarkXPress 2015, 2016 and 2017 are 64-bit.

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What to look out for when installing High Sierra (and how to revert)

MacOS High Sierra (OS X 10.13), the new version of macOS, is planned to be released on Sep 25, 2017.

The temptation is huge to try it, see what’s new and benefit from the newest features and possibilities of Apple’s newest OS.

Learning from the past?

However there is also a risk: In the past we have seen that some applications did not work well (or at all) on new versions of OS X. With El Capitan, many music applications took months to support it, as Apple changed some underlying technologies needed for them to work.

And though QuarkXPress was certified and officially supported just nine days after the release of El Capitan, some 3rd party XTensions (plug-ins) had some issues.

So to state the obvious: A new OS can potentially stop you from producing/working. Especially with High Sierra, introducing a new file system called APFS.


What’s best practice to install/use macOS High Sierra?

It’s quite easy:

  1. If you have a “play system”, use that to test macOS High Sierra and all applications critical for your workflow.
  2. In any case, always have a backup or better a clone available (and create them before you upgrade to macOS High Sierra)
  3. Create yourself a backdoor to be able to revert to your previous macOS:


Remember, out-of-the-box there is no possibility to revert to your previous version of macOS, so you either need to create a backup via Time Machine and other methods. Or – better – use the above mentioned tip to create yourself a backdoor, as it is much more convenient by allowing you to work with both setups and revert immediately should you decide to do so.


When will QuarkXPress support macOS High Sierra?

Though we do not know of any critical issues of QuarkXPress 2017 with the pre-release of macOS High Sierra, Quark cannot foresee what Apple might still change between the last beta and the final version. Therefore Quark needs to wait until Apple releases macOS High Sierra and then test QuarkXPress 2017 on the release version of macOS High Sierra.

As Apple announced the release of High Sierra for September 25, we have scheduled an Update for QuarkXPress 2016 and 2017 for October 6. These updates will add support for High Sierra to QuarkXPress 2016 and 2017.

5 steps how to convert InDesign designs into iOS Single Apps – as many as you need!

Since Adobe has shut down their DPS (Digital Publishing Suite) SE for Creative Cloud users, InDesign users are looking for an alternative on how to create designs in InDesign and convert them to an iOS app. At a reasonable price.

Problem: Reoccurring costs of App Publishing Services

There are many “App Publishing Services” that allow InDesign users to use InDesign to create designs, overlay interactivity, and then export the design into an app.

The problem with most (all?) “App Publishing Services” is: cost. Have a look at the costs of an arbitrary app publishing service (screenshot) that allows publishing from InDesign.

It’s not important which app publishing service this is, notable is that to create unlimited “single-issue apps” it will cost you $850. Per year. Every year.

Sure, this Service can do more than iOS Publishing. But what if you just need that?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just pay $399 ONCE and create as many iOS apps as you like?

QuarkXPress 2017 offers such a service: iOS publishing for single apps is and doesn’t even require a log-on or any other kind of service. All you need is an Apple developer account ($99 per year).

Five steps to use QuarkXPress 2017 to publish Single Apps for iOS
(though you are using InDesign)

  1. Get an Apple developer account.
    There is no way around it, if you want to publish to Apple’s App Store. Apple requires you to have that, regardless which tool you use to create iOS apps.
  2. Copy InDesign elements to a digital layout in QuarkXPress as editable objects.
    QuarkXPress 2017 can convert PDF to native QuarkXPress objects. That can be a PDF created with MS Excel or Adobe InDesign.
    Even easier, QuarkXPress can also convert InDesign objects to editable, native QuarkXPress objects using the clipboard. So create a Digital layout in QuarkXPress and then just copy & paste objects (or a page) from InDesign to QuarkXPress.

    And then in QuarkXPress you can continue to edit objects copied from InDesign, e.g. change the text or the font size of a text box.
  3. Enrich the layout with interactive elements (optional)
    If you want to add interactivity to your former InDesign objects, just use the “HTML5” palette in QuarkXPress and add interactivity (some people call them enrichments). That can be a slideshow, an animation, a video, a sound, a button and so on.
    Of course, if you prefer, you can also leave your layout static, however then the chances are higher that Apple might reject your app.
  4. Create the necessary meta data and other files
    For submission to the App Store, you need to create and specify some meta data like splash screen, add some certificates that Apple’s portal gives you and so on. So first head over to, create the profiles and certificates Apple requires, create some good looking splash screens etc.
  5. Export as iOS (out of QuarkXPress)
    Export a Single iOS App using the “Export As iOS App” menu in QuarkXPress. QuarkXPress will ask you to specify the meta data created in step 4. Then – after a while – QuarkXPress will show two apps on your Desktop, a test app (to test on your iOS device) and a production app (which you can submit to Apple). Both have your content (that came from InDesign and was enriched in QuarkXPress) baked-in.

Bonus: Publish to HTML5 as well!

And of course you can additionally create a web app (app-like behavior), which is 100% HTML5-based and runs in all modern browsers without need of a plug-in. QuarkXPress calls this HTML5 Publication:

As an HTML5 Publication is based on the same technology for content, static and interactive content will look the same as in your iOS app. And of course you could also make the HTML5 Publication responsive.

Creating an HTML5 Publication will not cost you anything extra, all you need is a webserver to host your HTML5 Publication.

What will it cost me? (as an InDesign user)

Good news for InDesign users are that you can upgrade to QuarkXPress from InDesign CS/CC (and CorelDraw, Lightroom, Photoshop and many others).

So to use QuarkXPress 2017 to convert your InDesign layouts into an app, will cost you:

QuarkXPress 2017 Competitive Upgrade: $399 (one-time fee)
Apple Developer Account for App Store submission: $99 (per year)


Start creating unlimited iOS apps:

So, InDesign users, upgrade to QuarkXPress 2017 now and start creating iOS apps:


Where is the free QuarkXPress Document Converter?


QuarkXPress Document Converter is a small application that converts documents created by QuarkXPress 3, 4, 5 and 6 to the version 9 format, so that QuarkXPress 10 and higher can open documents last saved by one of those versions.

In other words, you only need it if you have documents older than QuarkXPress 7 and want to open them in a modern version of QuarkXPress. You can find more details and more reasons why you need QuarkXPress Document Converter here:


Download the free QuarkXPress Document Converter here:

QuarkXPress Document Converter is a free download. The newest version is always available here:


And when you are using QuarkXPress 2016 or 2017, no need to remember the URL:

You can easily access the download link by choosing the Help menu.

Download once and then use it any time you need it. Remember, the QuarkXPress Document Converter can even batch convert complete disks and folders to the newer v9 format.