Real World QuarkXPress 7

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Real World QuarkXPress 7

Real World QuarkXPress 7

David Blatner, Editor
Published October 2007 by Peachpit Press
ISBN-10: 0-321-35030-8
Contributing Authors:
Kelly Kordes Anton, Stephen Beals, Pariah S. Burke, Shellie Hall, Ted LoCascio, Claudia McCue, Patti Schulze, Glen Turpin, Chuck Weger

If You Don’t Own The Book

You can buy Real World Quarkxpress 7 at a number of locations, including
Your local bookstore
Direct from the publisher

If You Already Own the Book

You can find bonus material on this site:
The bonus material includes:

  • Project Files for Chapter 1: Learn QuarkXPress in 30 Minutes
  • Color Figures for Chapter 11: Image Tuning
  • Appendix D: Scripting Basics

Supplementary Information

There are many references to companies and Web sites throughout Real World QuarkXPress. Below are links to those companies and sites. Also included are sites that are of interest to XPress users (including freelance AppleScripters and XTension developers). If you can’t find a site that you think should be here, please feel free to e-mail David Blatner at

XTensions and Plug-ins

Quark XTensions page 1, page 2
XPert Tools Pro
Quark Interactive Designer
Quark Print Collection
Free XML XTensions for QuarkXPress (including avenue.quark)
Extensis QX-Tools
BarCoder XT
The Power XChange (XTension distributor in North America)
The XChange UK (XTension distributor in Europe)
XCite International

Information about Scripting

Information About Applescript, site 1, site 2

Professional Scripters

Companies, Products, and Sites Listed in the Book
Quark, Inc.

Quark Alliance
Design Tools Monthly Magazine
Before & After Magazine

Seneca Design
QuarkXPress SIC List
FileBuddy for Mac
Adobe GoLive
BareBones and TextWrangler
FlightCheck Professional

If You Own An Earlier Edition

If you had a problem with the index in Real World QuarkXPress 6 back in 2003, please go to this page.