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Where is the free QuarkXPress Document Converter?

30. June 2017


How do you find QuarkXPress Document Converter? You need QuarkXPress Document Converter to open QuarkXPress documents last saved by QuarkXPress 6 (or older).

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How to see previews of QuarkXPress documents – even without having QuarkXPress running or installed

28. February 2017


Quark offers a free QuickLook plug-in for MacOS / OS X that allows you to see previews and thumbnails of QuarkXPress documents (*.qxp files). You can even use this on Macs where QuarkXPress is not installed.

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QuarkXPress supported on macOS Sierra

3. October 2016


Just 13 days after the initial release of Sierra, QuarkXPress 2016 is fully supported on macOS Sierra. Read here which previous versions of QuarkXPress are supported or run on Apple’s newest OS.

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Three Reasons Why You Will Need the Free QuarkXPress Document Converter

15. August 2016

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Learn when you need to use the free QuarkXPress Document Converter: 1) Convert legacy documents, 2) Remove Pasteboard XT references and 3) Remove web (HTML4) and Interactive (Flash, SWF) layouts.

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