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Fix for failed PDF Export from QuarkXPress 10

6. February 2014


If your QuarkXPress 10 document fails to export to PDF, with QuarkXPress displaying a message like this one: Or, you try to print the document and QuarkXPress displays this message before continuing: Try turning on Export Transparency Natively in the PDF Options when you export: Note: This problem came up for me today on two documents: […]

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How to control QuarkXPress with function keys (F-keys)

22. January 2014


If you rely on function keys (F-keys) for controlling various activities in QuarkXPress — such as showing and hiding item outlines and palettes — your Mac can get in the way. By default, Mac OS X uses F1, F2, F3, and the others for controlling brightness, iTunes, sound levels, and so forth. Fortunately, it’s easy […]

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Photoshop CC & Plug-ins

30. August 2013


With version CC of Photoshop, Adobe has eliminated the option to have a separate “Additional Plug-Ins Folder”. And because CC is entirely different, you can’t just drag your CS6 plug-ins into the CC plug-ins folder. Instead, you must check each plug-in manufacturer’s website for the latest version of your plug-in, then reinstall it into Photoshop […]

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Scanning and Photoshop CS6

8. October 2012


If you’re having trouble using your scanner with Photoshop CS6, you’re definitely not alone! Have a look at my story at Macworld: “Get your scanner to work with Photoshop CS6“. The problem involves TWAIN, 32-bit code, and the march of time. The solution involves thinking a little bit outside the box. ;-)

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