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How to see previews of QuarkXPress documents – even without having QuarkXPress running or installed

28. February 2017


Quark offers a free QuickLook plug-in for MacOS / OS X that allows you to see previews and thumbnails of QuarkXPress documents (*.qxp files). You can even use this on Macs where QuarkXPress is not installed.

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QuarkXPress Masterclass Training Series

2. May 2014


Starting May 7, Quark is hosting a series of six free Masterclass training sessions that will highlight best practices, special key commands and other QuarkXPress tips and tricks. Each Masterclass session will be 30 minutes long and presented by a QuarkXPress expert. You can join the classes live during the broadcasts or access the video […]

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Scroll Direction Switch

26. February 2014


Do you hate the way that Mac OS X 10.7 and above swapped the scroll direction for trackpads? You can change it back. Just go to System Preferences> Trackpad, click on the Scroll & Zoom tab, and toggle off “Scroll direction: natural.” (Adjusting a gesture-enabled mouse instead? The setting’s within System Preferences> Mouse under the […]

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Color Tips for Creating Tablet Publications

25. February 2014

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When you’re designing a document to be read on a tablet such as Apple’s iPad, the optimum colors are not the same as when you’re designing for print. For example: Use a cream color instead of white for large areas of background. (White can be irritating.) Use RGB black instead of the “100% K” black […]

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