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QuarkXPress 2016 now supports 77 OpenType features (plus 5)

6. October 2016


See all 77 OpenType features supported by QuarkXPress 2016.

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How to evaluate a typeface

19. January 2016


How do you know the fonts you’re buying, hiring or getting for free are any good? You can’t tell from the web-site preview. Here’s a small tutorial with some tools on how to evaluate a font before using it.

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Quark Launches Creative Pro Bundle – Save $1000+

2. April 2014

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If you’ve been thinking about upgrading to QuarkXPress 10, now is the time. Quark announced today a new Creative Pro Bundle offer that applies to both upgrades and new purchases of version 10. With purchases made starting April 1, for an extra $50 you can opt to receive a bundle of tools for creatives that […]

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Adios Script Pro

28. February 2014


Alejandro Paul’s Adios is a technically intricate font bursting with advanced OpenType features. It’s easily my favorite advanced OpenType font. Inspired by lettering artist H. Wotzkow, not to mention contemporary tattoo art, Adios has a profusion of ornamental ascenders and descenders that allow extraordinary variety. The lowercase “h” alone offers 43 variants; the entire font […]

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