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The Faces of Quark: An Interview with Dan Logan, QuarkXPress Product Manager

30. May 2012


  The people at Quark are remarkable. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Dan Logan, the product manager for QuarkXPress, about where he came from and what drives his passion for QuarkXPress. He also provided some insight into how Quark has changed since last year’s acquisition by Platinum Equity, how Quark deals with […]

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Nicest app so far?

6. January 2012


I have seen many apps and helped a lot of customers to publish their (public and in-house) apps so far and I would have a hard time to choose the “nicest” or best-looking or most interesting app published so far. So let me introduce you to an App Studio app that I would currently see […]

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QuarkXPress 8: Tricks for Text

10. November 2008


There are a number of small but helpful improvements in QuarkXPress 8 involving hyphens, invisible characters, spell checking, and indents. Below is an explanation of the small improvements made in the world of text, courtesy of X-Ray magazine. (This is an excerpt from “QuarkXPress 8: a Suite Response“.) DON’T DASH OFF In QuarkXPress 6.X, if […]

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Everything you ever wanted to know about “Dividing A Box” in the Scripts menu

31. October 2008


Need to align a bunch of photos to a grid? Here’s another really useful built-in script for Mac users… If you’ve ever had to make a grid of pictures in QuarkXPress, perhaps to produce the “man on the street” section of a newspaper, you need to read this. If you’re dragging in guides to align […]

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