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Create as many apps as you want – for free, from your Desktop?

6. March 2017


QuarkXPress 2017 allows you to create apps from your Desktop, no system or log-in needed.
Just create a digital layout (or convert from print) and export – or add stunning interactivity to it first. After a while you’ll receive the iOS apps (.ipa) on your Desktop.
And even better, you can do that without any additional costs (provided that you have QuarkXPress 2017 and an Apple Developer Account).

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Quark today introduces QuarkXPress 2017

1. March 2017


Quark today introduced QuarkXPress 2017, scheduled to be released in second quarter of this year. It adds functionality and time savers in three areas: 1) Image and Graphics, 2) text and typography, and 3) Wishlist features by users of QuarkXPress. Furthermore, if you are planning to publish for smart phones or web browsers, QuarkXPress 2017 also allows you to create responsive HTML5 Publications and “unlimited” single apps for iPhone and iPad, without additional costs.

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Color Tips for Creating Tablet Publications

25. February 2014

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When you’re designing a document to be read on a tablet such as Apple’s iPad, the optimum colors are not the same as when you’re designing for print. For example: Use a cream color instead of white for large areas of background. (White can be irritating.) Use RGB black instead of the “100% K” black […]

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Scientific American offers full archival access

13. February 2014


As reported by Arti Patel at Min, Scientific American‘s new $99 subscription plan includes a full year of the printed and electronic magazine as well as unlimited access to the magazine’s archive of more than 150,000 articles—from 1845 through 2004. Check out the full story at  

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