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Removal of skeuomorphism, parallax effects and the oxymoron in iOS7

16. October 2013


The oxymoron of iOS7: Isn’t a parallax effect a skeuomorphism?

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Ben Franklin, printer

17. January 2013


Today is the birthday of Benjamin Franklin, who was, as the Firesign Theatre put it, “the only President of the United States… who was never President of the United States.” Instead, when Franklin died in 1790, he was world-famous as a scientist and a diplomat, but he named himself in his will as simply “Benjamin Franklin, Printer“. And much earlier, in […]

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Does Our Future Require “Subcompact Publishing”?

3. December 2012


Craig Mod published some excellent thoughts and examples of “simple” publishing in his remarkably insightful “Subcompact Publishing”. If you’re concerned with the future (and present!) of publishing, you’ll enjoy reading it here. For example, here is one excerpt: ———————— Subcompact Publishing tools are first and foremost straightforward. They require few to no instructions. They are […]

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The hybrid approach for apps: HTML5 in native apps

30. October 2012

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The need for using a standard for Digital Publishing is clear, HTML5 seems to the the obvious choice. Read why a hybrid approach might be the best way to go: Using a standard and still benefit from all the advantages a native app gives you. Own your content (and don’t give it away to technology providers) and take advantage of the benefits HTML5 offers today and promises for tomorrow.

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