12. November 2015


How to open older QuarkXPress Documents

How do you open QuarkXPress documents that you have maybe created ten years ago or even in the early 90′s?

If you are using QuarkXPress 9 (or below) that’s not an issue, as QuarkXPress 9 opens all previous files from version 3 to 9.

However with version 10, QuarkXPress has cut some fat and removed the legacy technology (e.g. the non-Unicode type engines) of QuarkXPress 6 and below. Remember, with version 7 QuarkXPress introduced OpenType and Unicode, smoothly rendered type display, glyphs that could hang outside the text box, basically everything you don’t want to miss nowadays anymore.

So how do you open older QuarkXPress documents with QuarkXPress 10 or QuarkXPress 2015?

If your document was last saved with version 7, 8 or 9, it’s no problem you can just open them directly. However, what of you still have documents last saved in version 6 or even v3?

Then the QuarkXPress Document Converter comes to the rescue. It basically is version of QuarkXPress 9 without user interface. It opens older documents, version 3.1, 4, 5 or 6, and resaves them in the version 9 format. And then QuarkXPress 10 and 2015 can open the converted document.

Even better, if you have a bunch of documents, then QuarkXPress Document Converter can batch convert them:
(just use the right button to point it to the folder with subfolders that contains your QuarkXPress documents)

QuarkXPress Document Converter will not overwrite your files, instead it will create a copy, so that your original file stays untouched.

And of course QuarkXPress Document Converter is free of charge and runs on OS X and Windows, up to El Capitan and Windows 10. You can download it here: http://www.quark.com/Support/Downloads/Search_Results.aspx?pid=1&ftid=3

Please note that if you are using a file extension to classify your files, then the correct file extension for QuarkXPress 3, 4 and 5 documents is .qxd, for QuarkXPress 6 it is .qxp. Otherwise the QuarkXPress Document Converter might not recognize the file correctly.


  • You are using QuarkXPress 9 (or below)?
    -> You can directly open all documents up to v9.
  • You are using QuarkXPress 10 (or higher)?
    -> You can directly open all documents from version 7 onward.
    -> And for documents last saved in version 6 or below use the QuarkXPress Document Converter first.
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3. November 2015


QuarkXPress 2015 Webinar Series almost ending – Color Management still to come

Quark’s free 2015 Webinar Series has almost come to its end, with the webinar about footnotes & endnotes posted today:



The last webinar this year still to come is on December 1, 2015, about color management in QuarkXPress 2015.

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21. October 2015


New Facebook Group about QuarkXPress

QuarkXPress’ Facebook Group was founded 3 months ago today.

Here’s some history about it:

A bit over three months ago, customers asked Quark why we don’t create a Facebook Group for QuarkXPress.

Quark already had a Facebook Page for QuarkXPress, so I first was hesitant. The Facebook Page is handled by Quark’s Social Media team and “pushes” out news and information about and around QuarkXPress. Sure, Facebook pages also allow a back channel, via comments or a “post to page” at the side, however both is not very prominent. A Facebook Page still feels dominated by the creator of the page, it feels like a push channel. So I was hesitant to create “just another page”.

When I looked at Facebook Groups, it felt like this could be different. A bit more like forums, more user interaction, as everybody can post on the main page.

So exactly three months ago, on July 21, 2015, I created the QuarkXPress Group on Facebook, a bit of an experiment and to see whether that is valuable for QuarkXPress users and fans.

And it was. Almost 700 members after one month, currently at 870 members and every day another fan or user asks to join. So this Group will stay and has become an important communication method between the QuarkXPress team at Quark and QuarkXPress users. And it also helps QuarkXPress users and fans to communicate with each other.

There are many posts by the members of the group, sharing memories of QuarkXPress 3, asking questions on how to do something in QuarkXPress 10 or QuarkXPress 2015, seeking help or participating in small polls. For example an ongoing Facebook Group poll asked about the best version of QuarkXPress so far, and 66% think that it’s QuarkXPress 2015 (see here). And it feels a bit like a QuarkXPress User Group. Another poll asks which feature is more important and thus directly influencing development at Quark.

And it even spans into the real world, when I presented at a tradeshow in Birmingham last week, five members of the QuarkXPress Facebook Group came to the show to talk to me in person.


So if you are a QuarkXPress user, fan or just want to see what’s going on,
why don’t you join the group?



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9. October 2015


QuarkXPress 2015 now supported on El Capitan

Quark just released the El Capitan Update for QuarkXPress 2015.

Just run Auto Updater inside QuarkXPress or use the following link to download the El Capitan Update for QuarkXPress 2015:

And Quark is getting quicker when it comes to adding support for new versions of OS X:

  • When Apple released Mountain Lion, it Quark 19 days to release an officially supported version of QuarkXPress (which was QuarkXPress 9.3.1)
  • When Apple released Mavericks, it took Quark 17 days to release an officially supported version of QuarkXPress (which were QuarkXPress 9.5.4 and 10.0.1)
  • When Apple released Yosemite, it took Quark 20 days to release an officially supported version of QuarkXPress (which was QuarkXPress 10.5)
  • Now, with El Capitan, it took Quark just 9 days to release an officially supported version of QuarkXPress (which is QuarkXPress 2015)


Still, when upgrading your OS X to El Capitan please remember to create yourself a backdoor beforehand:


Users of QuarkXPress 10, 9, 8 and earlier:
Quark will not support any version prior to QuarkXPress 2015 on El Capitan.
Though not supported QuarkXPress 8 and 9 seem to “work” ok on El Capitan (with some flaws). QuarkXPress 10 crashes badly on El Capitan. The engineering team will look into the crash issues of QuarkXPress 10 on El Capitan to determine whether anything can be done about it, however we might not be able to, so this is not a promise. I will probably be able to comment on this in maybe 5-6 weeks from now.

If you don’t want to wait until then: Until end of November use promo code ELCAP2015 in Quark’s webstore to receive 20% off on the upgrade to QuarkXPress 2015: http://shop.quark.com

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