Trick to Close a Path in QuarkXPress

There is no explicit ‘join’ command for closing an open Bézier (Pen) path created in QuarkXPress 9 and earlier, but it can be done. (QuarkXPress 10 will have this feature built-in.)

One way is to choose Item> Shape and hold down the Option/Alt key as you select the Freehand Box thumbnail in the submenu.

Here’s the open path:

And here’s the resulting closed path:

Here are step-by-step directions:

1. Select the item with the Item tool.

2. Hold down the Option/Alt key when choosing Item> Shape.

3. Choose the shape that looks like a painter’s palette (oval-ish)

This tells Quark that you want your formerly open path (represented by the squiggly line in the Shape menu) to become a closed path (represented by the painter’s palette in the Shape menu).

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