Adobe to Discontinue Boxed Creative Suite

According to several online resellers, Adobe will discontinue supplying their Creative Suite software in boxes,  beginning May 1, 2013.

Instead, Adobe is encouraging all users to purchase and update their software from Adobe’s Creative Cloud, an online subscription service for Adobe software. For those who won’t subscribe to the Creative Cloud, Adobe will also be providing the Creative Suite applications as downloadable installers.

This move certainly makes sense for Adobe’s shareholders, since Adobe will no longer be spending money on disc reproduction and packaging. It also eliminates any payments Adobe has been making to resellers to handle their products. In other words, all income from sales now goes directly to Adobe.

For more information, see these resellers’ Web pages:

March 14 update:

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4 thoughts on “Adobe to Discontinue Boxed Creative Suite

  1. Martin

    Thank you Adobe! That`s how you honor your business partners who helped you building up your customer base over years. Profit profit profit

  2. The Slapster

    It’s bogus. The story appears on ONE site, and it’s a software reseller who is probably trying to move copies of CS6 before the next release hits. Until there’s a valid confirmation from the Adobe camp, not same vague reference to an email “directly from Adobe” by the reseller, I don’t buy it.

  3. Slapster: It’s actually on two websites, and one of the responses from the company in the “comments” section is this:

    “this came directly from Adobe. We partner with them to offer their products online and are in contact with them on a daily basis. The quote above is directly from an official email we received from Adobe.”

  4. Peter Loader

    We all knew this was coming. I didn’t bother upgrading my CS3 Design Suite by their deadline and won’t be hooking into Adobe’s cloud option either. Glad I purchased the Quark upgrade a while back, always good to have a fallback. Looking forward to version 10 Xpress…

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