Auto-Save & Auto-Backup in QuarkXPress

Tue, Mar 27, 2012


QuarkXPress has an Auto Save feature that can save a temporary copy of your document for you as you work. That way, if QuarkXPress crashes, you’ll never lose more than a few minutes’ work.

To enable it, Choose File> Preferences or QuarkXPress> Preferences and then select Save in the Application category. Tick the checkbox labeled Auto Save and then type in the number of minutes you want XPress to wait between auto-saves.

If QuarkXPress crashes, then the next time you open your document a dialog will appear asking if you want to open the auto-saved version or the version you last manually saved.

QuarkXPress also has an Auto Backup feature: each time you manually Save your document, it creates a new file and also saves the previous version with an incremental number added to its file name.

Auto-Save & Auto-Backup

To enable it, choose File> Preferences or QuarkXPress> Preferences and select Save in the Application category. Tick the checkbox labeled Auto Backup and then type in the number of revisions you want to save. (QuarkXPress will delete the oldest versions as it saves new ones.)

By default, it saves the older versions in the same folder as the active document. But you can also choose a different folder, which can make file maintenance a little simpler when projects are completed.


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