Happy birthday, iPad

Isn’t it amazing, the iPad just turned two today.

After Steve Jobs introduced the first iPad two years ago, I remember seeing a lot of comments that this is just a big iPhone and only a surfing device.

Looking at today’s use of the iPad, the opportunities tablets (and especially the iPad being the spearhead of the tablet success) offer hardly anybody imagined and are vast:
Surfing device, reading device, bookstore, game console, channel for corporate marketing communications, management information system, dashboard, point of sale, point of purchase, replacement for laptops and even the Desktop in some cases and much more.

Therefore it feels as if it has been on the market much longer than for just two years.

If you are in publishing, professional or corporate, external or internal, and you are not doing iPad publishing yet, now is the time to start evaluating possibilities and opportunities.

Both an engineer and a layout artist, Matthias bridges the gap between technology and people.

Before joining Quark, Matthias pioneered print, Web, and multimedia products for multiple German publishing companies. Since 1997 he has played a central role in shaping Quark’s desktop and enterprise software.
Starting 2003 Matthias has focused on Quark’s interactive and digital publishing solutions. He is an active participant in design and publishing communities and represents Quark in the Ghent PDF Workgroup.

Since February 2014 Matthias heads Quark’s Desktop Publishing business unit and is therefore responsible for QuarkXPress.