Possible Fix for QuarkXPress 7 on Snow Leopard

Trim The Fat is one possible solution...

I think the biggest software challenge of this decade is how to use older software with newer operating systems. For example, let’s say you need to continue to use QuarkXPress 7 in a production environment, but you also need to buy some new Macs… which must run Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

As we’ve noted in earlier posts, there can be problems when using this older version of QuarkXPress with the much newer operating system. But you bravely go forward, installing QuarkXPress 7 on Mac OS X 10.6.

Aaaand QuarkXPress constantly crashes. One possible solution that came my way recently is this:

First, use the free QuarkXPress 7.5 updater — version 7.5 is much more aware of how Snow Leopard works than version 7 was. Then, since Snow Leopard can’t run on PowerPC Macs, strip the PowerPC code from QuarkXPress using a utility such as the free TrimTheFat.

Some people have found that by removing the non-Intel code, QuarkXPress no longer crashes on the Intel-only Snow Leopard. Your mileage may vary. ;-)

Jay Nelson is the editorial director of PlanetQuark.com, and the editor and publisher of Design Tools Monthly. He’s also the author of the QuarkXPress 8 and QuarkXPress 7 training titles at Lynda.com, as well as the training videos Quark includes in the box with QuarkXPress 7 . In addition, Jay writes regularly for Macworld and Photoshop User magazines and speaks at industry events.

11 thoughts on “Possible Fix for QuarkXPress 7 on Snow Leopard

  1. Mark

    This solution doesn’t work on my imac.

  2. Mark: darn! There are several issues with running QXP 7 on Mac OS 10.6, all based on the fact that QXP 7 came out LONG before 10.6 (or even 10.5). Perhaps this one isn’t causing your problem. Does anyone else have a solution?

  3. I asked Quark about using QXP 7 on Snow Leopard. Here’s what they said:

    Remember that we don’t support v7 on Snow Leopard, meaning that we don’t provide technical support and don’t make any claims or guarantees about how it might work. It could blowup at any time. ;)

    The most common issue we see with Snow Leopard is that it’s typically installed on new Macs; these new Macs have a hardware conflict with our activation library that will cause them to crash at launch. This is not an issue with Snow Leopard per se, but it’s likely to cause a problem for anyone trying to run v7 on a newer Mac.

  4. H. Cott

    I have Quark 7.5 on Snow Leopard. I haven’t found any real forums of recent detailing how using an fully updated* Quark 7.5 would work “ok” if the application were set to “Open in Rosetta”. (Select Application, Command “I” and select “Open in Rosetta”) I have been threw Hell trying to get this software to work under deadline. I just changed the setting and I haven’t crashed in an hour – whereas before I would crash 3 times an hour. Is it possible most people are missing this simple setting? I think I still plan on using InDesign once my deadlines have past. But perhaps this is the bandaid we need to get by and may be overlooking?

  5. Elrond

    I have several mac users and have been updating them to new Macs since they cannot run Adobe CS5 on non Intel Macs and they were still on power PCs. So far I have 3, 1 will run Quark 7 with no problems, the other two will not open quark 7 at all. It crashes within a second of the splash screen coming up. I have tried every solution I can find online (open with Rosetta, running the QuarkXpress Components aplication in the for system folder, a couple terminal commands I have found, deleting the library/preferences/Quark folder) and nothing helps at all. I guess I have this hardware problem on two of the new Macs, but not the third. Has anyone found out what the hardware conflict is, I have bought 3 seemingly identical 27″ IMacs and one works.

    Is Apple buying a part from two different manufacturers and one causes a conflict and the other doesn’t? Is there a way to tell which macs will work and specify that or replace this part? For now, I have to leave my prepress department with two macs each, one for new work, one for legacy work and work supplied by customers in Quark 7, yes we still get plenty of that.

  6. Jo Shields

    Whenever I try to open a movie file on MacBook Pro’s iPhoto, the quark activation window comes up, and the movie file won’t open. I’ve recently upgraded to Snow Leopard, and am running 7.5. Seems to be running okay (no crashes), but I can’t get my movie file to open. Any ideas on the planet?

  7. Michael Stetson

    I hate the fact one has to constantly learn a new way to do the exact same function simply because of software upgrades. For not keeping up with user needs the people at Quark can go fuck themselves… and I do not see what is so great about the latest version, plus, my printers all yell at me now to switch to Indesign, because the “cool” things one can do in Quark give them various preflight issues… I should have been a plumber.

  8. Michael: we have such short memories. Hasn’t it always been this way, with all our software?

    In any case, have a look at yesterday’s story — it may shed some light on the subject: http://www.planetquark.com/2011/08/01/quarkxpress-cheat-sheet-for-changes-in-tools-for-version-8-and-9/

  9. Gayle Brodie

    There is some truth in what Michael shared! Heck, I have been running 25 licenses of Quark 7 on first generation (non-Intel) Mac and have the same problems of them crashing out. I’m a diehard Quark user, but Quark has not done us right since they released Version 5. My opinion . . . Now that I have the new 27″ imac, maybe I’ll get lucky!

  10. Elrond

    In case someone comes here looking for a solution to quark 7.5 crashing on opening on a newer mac, I have gotten all three working. I do not have the full solution in front of me, but if you search for quark and firewire, the solution involved uninstalling firewire support on two of the new macs. The third mac (same exact model and specifications) worked out of the box.

  11. Laurie Olefson

    I had a g5 go bad and figured that Mac mini that ran snow leopard would be great to replace it. My iBook runs snow leopard and qurk is just fine.
    Now that I got my new ‘old’ computer I can’t get quark to run.
    It runs perfectly on my iBook with 10.6.8
    Going to try some of the suggestions here.
    Any other thoughts?

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