QuarkXPress 7 Not Officially Supported in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or Windows

As is usual for software companies, Quark’s stated position on old software running under new operating systems is: “It’ll probably work, but we don’t support it.”

Here’s a statement from Quark that I found in their online forum:

If you are planning to upgrade to Snow Leopard (aka Mac OS X 10.6) or Windows 7:

QuarkXPress 7:

Make sure you install/update QuarkXPress 7 to the latest version (7.5).

Though we do not foresee any issues why QuarkXPress 7 shouldn’t run under these operating systems, Quark will not officially support QuarkXPress 7 under Mac OS X 10.6 or Windows 7.

If you want official support, please stay with your currently supported operating system (QuarkXPress 7 is officially supported under OS X 10.4 & 10.5 and Windows XP & Vista) or consider upgrading to QuarkXPress 8.

QuarkXPress 8:

QuarkXPress 8 is officially supported under Mac OS X 10.6 & 10.5 & 10.4 as well as Windows 7 & Vista & XP.

Jay Nelson is the editorial director of PlanetQuark.com, and the editor and publisher of Design Tools Monthly. He’s also the author of the QuarkXPress 8 and QuarkXPress 7 training titles at Lynda.com, as well as the training videos Quark includes in the box with QuarkXPress 7 . In addition, Jay writes regularly for Macworld and Photoshop User magazines and speaks at industry events.

91 thoughts on “QuarkXPress 7 Not Officially Supported in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or Windows

  1. Sorry to moan on a Quark-related website. Rude of me. I’m just feeling very fed up. I really love Quark, and am very skilled on it after all these years of using it every day.

    It’s just getting too expensive (in terms of time and money) to remain a loyal user.

  2. Jay

    Julie, I agree. Our studio has been on InDesign for 6 years now and the only money Quark will see of ours is for one copy that will be used to save out our old Quark files. Sad Quark could never play nice for it’s users.

  3. Jay: Six years ago, Quark was a very different company. I don’t think you can judge a company (or its products) by your experience with it that long ago. You may use your older experiences to justify your decision to switch to a different product way back when, but now is now… and Quark today is not That Company and QuarkXPress 8 is not QuarkXPress 6.

  4. Matthew

    I am running Quark 7.5 on my iMac 10.6.6 and have had a few problems also. The keyboard shortcuts don’t work, which I really miss. I can go to the top menu bar and get them but it’s not near as fast as using the shortcuts. I thought about upgrading to 8 to see if that would be the fix but will wait. At $299.00 for an upgrade I’ll wait.

  5. That’s odd. I run QuarkXPress 7.5 on my Mac, under Mac OS X 10.6.6 and the keyboard shortcuts work just fine.

    I also ran it under 10.5 and every previous version of 10.6, with no trouble. Perhaps something is set in your Mac’s preferences that is interfering with Quark’s keyboard shortcuts?

  6. Adele Robey

    I am running Quark 7.31 Mac OS 10.5 and have just ordered a Mac Mini which will come with Snow Leopard. Am I done for? I, too, have years and years invested in Quark files and switching to InDesign will be a big headache (not to mention I can’t afford it). I do find that fewer and fewer printers are interested in taking Quark files, though. Any insight? I want to switch to the mini in my office and use my older laptop to take with me. I assume I can’t “downgrade” to an older Mac OS once I get the mini. Thanks for any help.

  7. Adele: step 1 is to update to QuarkXPress 7.5. It’s free, and has been tweaked to work better in Leopard and Snow Leopard.

    That said, you’ll be a LOT better off if you upgrade QuarkXPress to version 8. It’s great on Snow Leopard.

    But if you find that 7.5 works for you, great! If you REALLY don’t want to upgrade to version 8, then try 7.5.

  8. Adele: I forgot to remind you to deactivate QuarkXPress on your old Mac before launching it on your new one. Also, use the Migration Assistant to get your old data to your new Mac. Otherwise, you may have trouble installing QXP 7 from its original disc.

  9. Julie F

    I have QuarkXPress 7.5 on my iMac using Leopard 10.5.8

    I’m hoping to upgrade to Snow Leopard 10.6x. If I do the “Archive & Install” will I have problems with v7.5 ? What’s the best way without re-installing Quark.

    Hope you can help. Thanks

    Can’t afford the upgrade to v8x

  10. Julie: I wouldn’t “Archive and Install”. I would just update the operating system normally. That way, you don’t have to run the QuarkXPress 7 installer, which MAY have trouble installing on this vastly newer operating system. Not that it has problems installing, but why risk it?

  11. Rick

    Ok…just bought a new macbooc pro with 10.6.6 and installed quark 7 from my installer disk. Quark wouldn’t launch…quits about 10 seconds into launching then message pops up saying quark unexpectedly quits and gives me details.

    I then take your advice and download the 7.5 update and install. Same thing happens when I try to launch. Is there any way to get it to launch?

  12. Rick: it sounds like you need to give a quick call or online chat with Quark’s technical support people. They’re really good at fixing these problems.

  13. Jay, maybe you can help.
    As of yesterday one of designers version of quark started crashing for no reason at start up. In the past it was usually a corrupt extension, I disabled all the extensions and placed back in 1 at a time and restarting quark… that was long fun… not!

    Well i narrowed it down to the redline.xnt, when placing this back in the extensions file quark crashes at start up.

    I tried coping the extension from another computer to replace it, but it does the same thing.. crash on start up.

    What is this extension?
    Can my designer function with it?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  14. Hahaha, yeah I thought of that after I did the hunt for the broken extension.

    The QUARK version is 7.5, but all was working fine until yesterday.
    Even replacing the Reline.xnt with another one from differnt computer did not fix it.

    So there is another error somewhere else, any thoughts?
    I’m trying to avoid a complete install, but if the extension is not a vital component then we can do without..

    Thanks for your help

  15. Roswell: Perhaps you should contact Vision’s Edge about the problem, since their XTension seems to be the cause. In the meantime, if you aren’t using their Redlining feature in your document workflow, you could just remove it.

    And I’m not sure that a “reinstall” of QuarkXPress will solve the problem. I’d work on the XTension problem before going that route.

  16. Suz S.

    I ran into the same issue with Quark opening and then crashing. It was happening in version 8. Not sure if other users are using any kind of font management software. I’m using Suitcase, and some of my fonts were not auto activating. As soon as I activate the Helvetica & Times families, everything works fine. Don’t know if the relates, but thought I’d put it out there.

  17. Nick

    Hi, I am currently running Quark 7.5 on an Intel Mac with Tiger (10.4.11) and I am thinking of doing the upgrade to Snow Leopard. Anybody able to recommend the best way to perform this system ‘change’. Should I just try a system update with Quark left installed and if so is there anything I need to do with regard preferences etc.?

    Many thanks

  18. Alan

    I have just purchased a new Win7 OS laptop and was trying to install a Quark7 version I have used on my previous XP machine. Unfortunately it won’t install. Is there any way to get Quark7 onto a Win7 machine or is it a completely new purchase?


  19. Nick: I would just do a standard Snow Leopard update/upgrade. If anything breaks in QuarkXPress 7, it would break regardless of how you do the upgrade. One thing perhaps to check is the location of your Preferences folder. If you find one in the QuarkXPress application folder, then move it to this folder: [username]/Library/Preferences/QuarkXPress 7.0 (if there isn’t a folder by that name, you can create one and copy everything from your old Preferences folder into it)

    That said, feel free to contact Quark if you have trouble. I think their online chat system would be good for that.

  20. Alan: That’s a question for Quark’s tech support or customer service people. They’ll have a solid answer, I’m sure.

  21. Nick

    Jay: Thanks for the information, much appreciated.

  22. Barry

    It is a shame, because I am a Quark user and like it better than Indesign, but I think the days of Quark are over. Almost everyone I know has switched to Indesign and Quark makes it very hard for users from Installation serial numbers to incompatabilities.

  23. Jay Nelson

    Barry: I share your pain. But I think it’s important to remember that QuarkXPress 7 is of the same vintage as InDesign CS3 — which I don’t think works 100% properly on the latest versions of Mac OS X or Windows, either. I also don’t think Adobe’s serial numbers are any easier than Quark’s — and you use them only once to install.

  24. Dan

    I was an avid supporter of Quark for many years and was a user of the application from 1992 right up until 2007. Changes in the industry and the ever growing popularity of Creative Suite resulted in me jumping ship from Quark 7.2 to inDesign CS3, which i can honestly say was a real eye opener. Adobe’s whole approach to creating a pretty much seamless integration between inDesign, Illustrator and photoshop was a massive timesaver which I couldn’t deny even whilst still championing Quark for being the pioneers that they were.

    One of the main benefits for me was of course cost, I used many of the other applications in the creative suite and for a while indesign seemed like an app that I didn’t have the time or need to be interested in. In hindsight I should have adopted inDesign from its inception as it is far more intelligent to work with – i feel now Quark is playing catch up and trying to reclaim the market that has now been lost to Adobe

    I’m sure the latest release of Quark does much of what inDesign can and possibly excels in certain areas but there is no way i’ll go down the route of investing time researching or bags of money upgrading to an application that will rarely be used now. I wouldn’t be able to even if i wanted to which I’m sure is the case in many work environments.

    Overall I think the game was over for Quark when they detached themselves from their market through poor support and expensive upgrades.

  25. Dan: I feel the same way about Microsoft products, and have for about 2 decades now. :-)

  26. Kevin

    Jay, you mentioned this tip… “One thing perhaps to check is the location of your Preferences folder. If you find one in the QuarkXPress application folder, then move it to this folder: [username]/Library/Preferences/QuarkXPress 7.0 (if there isn’t a folder by that name, you can create one and copy everything from your old Preferences folder into it)”

    Previously, we were instructed by Quark exactly the opposite, when having random Quark problems, to remove the Preferences folder from the user library and make one in QuarkXPress 7.0 folder. Is this new for Snow Leopard?

  27. Hi Kevin. That’s a confusing aspect of troubleshooting QuarkXPress. Normally, you want to operate with your Preferences folder in the User directory. But when troubleshooting a problem, it can be helpful to create (or move) a Prefs folder into the QuarkXPress folder. But after troubleshooting, you should move it to that User directory mentioned above.

    Reason: each User should have their own Preferences (imagine a 24/7 publishing operation with two or three Users — they would each need their own Quark settings). I ran into some trouble when my Prefs folder was in the Quark folder. The solution was to move it into the appropriate User folder. Strange, but true.

  28. Sue

    I have Quark 7 and upgraded my mac to snow leopard and to CS5. Now I can no longer make pdfs in quark. I upgraded quark to 7.5 with no luck. I’m not sure if the problem is the op system or CS5. Any thoughts?

  29. Hello, you need to print and choose in the dialog window the option: printer, click, and select the type of PDF you want, directly or via distilling PS … or in the preferences of X-Press, select export PostScript, and then go through Distiller ….
    That’s all !
    Anyway you can change the preferences in X-Press.
    I do not think there is any problems with MacOS or try a software update, perhaps.


  30. Julie

    I have the opportunity to obtain Quark 7 and have a MAC snow leopard. After reading all these posts, I am wondering if I should even bother with installing it on my snow leopard? What would you suggest?
    Thanks, j

  31. Julie: While QuarkXPress 7 runs fine on my Mac under Snow Leopard, I don’t think it’s wise to risk your business on it. The combination of “old” software and “new” operating system can be treacherous.

  32. Julie

    Thank you! I’ve decided against it! I’ll look into a newer version.

  33. TomL

    I installed a fresh copy of Quark 7.3, then ran the 7.5 update on my Mac OSX 10.6.8 intel machine. I dumped the extensions to another folder – crashes after splash screen. Dumped Quark Preferences – same crash.

    Here is the crash log. Any ideas? Maybe I have to disable the license on my old machine?

    Process: QuarkXPress [1477]
    Path: /Applications/QuarkXPress 7.3/QuarkXPress.app/Contents/MacOS/QuarkXPress
    Identifier: com.quark.QuarkXPress
    Version: 7.5 (7.5)
    Code Type: X86 (Native)
    Parent Process: launchd [93]

  34. louis

    I was thinking bout getting Quark upgrade version 8. However could it be possible I could read my old quark files from version 6.5????

  35. I have a new MacBook Pro

    When i migrated the Quark files, they all came in as Unix Files.
    What can I do to migrate Quark 7.5 files to the new computer with the correct extension?
    This happened when I migrated 6.5 files to a new computer also, and I don’t think I will be able to open those when I install Quark 9 next week. Help!

  36. Julie: no problem! Unfortunately, our Macs are now in the world of Unix, so you’ll need to add a file extension to the file names. Just add “.qxp” to the end of a QuarkXPress document file name and QuarkXPress should open it. :-)

  37. Dan Ford

    After using quark since quark 4 and being 100% quark for my whole time working in the print and design industry. I’ve had to admit defeat and switch to indesign even though my company has approximately 300 quark documents that I work on everyday. it just seemed like the only option as it was costing us time. That said i do still have to create pdf’s and print from quark 7.5 version files while i get around to transferring them to Indesign. When doing this the files often cause quark to crash out is there a fix for this i’m running 7.5 on an intel running snow leopard 10.6.8. It’s really frustrating it happens everytime and way the reason for my switch at it adds and extra 5 mins to every job by the time i’ve restarted quark and tried to print again.

  38. Nick Barr

    I’m no longer using QuarkXpress 7 professionally. Used to do newsletters and such for a Catholic agency. Now retired. I upgraded my Macbook Pro to Lion. Quark launches and then freezes. I get the feeling there’s no fix and Quark won’t help. Anyone know what I can do?
    I suppose I could install the Quark on the Windows XP side of my MacBook, but I shouldn’t have to.

  39. Hi Nick, have you tried deleting preferences?

  40. Nick Barr

    Then the application opens with the message that it’s been corrupted and needs to be reinstalled. So I restored the Preferences. I’m thinking that I need to roll back to Snow Leopard.

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