Font Replacement Tips

When you want to globally replace fonts used in a QuarkXPress Layout, you probably already know to choose Utilities> Usage.

But here are a couple of things you may not have known:

You can simultaneously replace multiple fonts in the list with one new font. The trick is to hold down a modifier key as you click to select multiple fonts in the list. To select multiple fonts that are next to each other, hold down the Shift key as you click the first and last font you want to include.

To select fonts farther up or down the list, but skip the ones in between, hold down the Command key as you click on them (Windows: Ctrl):

If you want to see technical details about exactly which font is being used — and its location on your computer — just click the little disclosure triangle in the lower left of the Usage dialog:

That takes care of the fonts in the current Layout. If you want to replace fonts in another Layout, switch to that Layout and repeat the process.

None of this affects the fonts on Master pages. To replace fonts on a Master page, you need to display each Master page and repeat the process. Fortunately, QuarkXPress 8 has a handy button at the bottom left of the Layout window that lets you toggle between a page and its Master page:

Jay Nelson is the editorial director of, and the editor and publisher of Design Tools Monthly. He’s also the author of the QuarkXPress 8 and QuarkXPress 7 training titles at, as well as the training videos Quark includes in the box with QuarkXPress 7 . In addition, Jay writes regularly for Macworld and Photoshop User magazines and speaks at industry events.

4 thoughts on “Font Replacement Tips

  1. Sue Robinson

    Thanks, Jay:

    I needed that. I work in the production department, and by the time I get a Word file to import into Quark for layout it has already been through an author, an editor, proofing, and the editor again, and has picked up all sorts of squirrely fonts and attributes. One of the first things I ALWAYS have to do before starting my layout is purge al the bad stuff, so I can start working with clean fonts. This will make the task much easier.

    By the way, at the bottom of the page where the Master page toggle button you mention lives there used to be 2 arrows in QXP7 that could be used to undo and redo actions. They’re gone from QXP8. Do you know if there is any way to put them back? I know the key commands, but I liked the list that popped up to show me the history of my recent undos/redos.

    Thanks again

  2. Jay Nelson

    Sue: Indeed, the icons are gone. I guess Quark thought that people didn’t use them much, or maybe Quark needed more space for the other new icons down there. In any case, as you mentioned, the keyboard shortcuts still work, and now the Edit menu actually lists what change will be Undone or Redone. I find that helpful.

  3. heather

    I am looking for a font used in a book cover can anyone out there help me out? I am happy to leave send you a pic of the book

  4. Heather: Thanks for the question! We just published a story that we hope helps you in your search:

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