Convert QuarkXPress Documents to Microsoft Word (?)

Okay, this is a strange one, and I’m hoping that someone who has experience with it will comment on its usefulness:

Quark Qxd Doc Xtractor claims to extract text and maybe even pictures from a QuarkXPress document, and then produce a Microsoft Word file from what it extracts. They claim that neither QuarkXPress nor Microsoft Word is required to perform this feat, and that it can process entire folders full of documents at once.

I’m a little concerned that their description lists “.qxd” files but doesn’t mention the “.qxp” files created by QuarkXPress 6 and above…

It costs $49.95 and works only on Windows. Anyone? Anyone? (Bueller?)

Jay Nelson is the editorial director of, and the editor and publisher of Design Tools Monthly. He’s also the author of the QuarkXPress 8 and QuarkXPress 7 training titles at, as well as the training videos Quark includes in the box with QuarkXPress 7 . In addition, Jay writes regularly for Macworld and Photoshop User magazines and speaks at industry events.

2 thoughts on “Convert QuarkXPress Documents to Microsoft Word (?)

  1. AnyFool

    Hey Jay,

    How about an in depth article on going the other way; importing from Word into Quark…

    Like using Xpress tags, Editorium’s QuarkConverter, etc.

  2. Scott

    What’s “Windows”? ;)

    Uhm, I find that exporting to PDF and using Acrobat to Save As > Microsoft Word Document can work in a lot of situations where you need to get multiple stories and images into Word. The key is to add tags to the PDF first using the Advanced > Accessibility > Add Tags to Document or make sure Add Tags is checked in the Settings. There are also a lot of options under Settings including Change Resolution, Retain Columns and Retain Margins.

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