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Everything you ever wanted to know about “Dividing A Box” in the Scripts menu

31. October 2008

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Need to align a bunch of photos to a grid? Here’s another really useful built-in script for Mac users… If you’ve ever had to make a grid of pictures in QuarkXPress, perhaps to produce the “man on the street” section of a newspaper, you need to read this. If you’re dragging in guides to align […]

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Aliens in QuarkXPress

31. October 2008


QuarkXPress has hidden aliens. To see one in action, select a page item and press Command-Option-Shift-K (Windows: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-K). An alien will walk onto your page from the right side zap the item off the page. The effect is most fun when the item is near the right side of your display.  Do this 5–12 times […]

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Will QuarkXPress 6.5 Run On Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard?

30. October 2008


Apple released new MacBooks and MacBook Pros recently, and today I received a question about whether it was safe to use QuarkXPress 6.52 with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. The answer is: QuarkXPress 6.52 and earlier will NOT work 100% properly with Leopard (nor does Adobe Creative Suite 2, which is of the same vintage). And […]

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Video Tutorial: Convert Dingbats to Picture Boxes

29. October 2008


If you often use the same dingbats or illustrations from a picture font in QuarkXPress, you can eliminate the need to include the font when outputting if you convert those characters to picture boxes in QuarkXPress. This video by Jay Nelson shows you how. PLAY Video: Convert Dingbats to Picture Boxes Just select the character(s) and […]

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