QuarkXPress 8: WYSIWYG Font Menus

Tue, Aug 19, 2008


Adding on to Rob Underwood’s fantastic post yesterday about fonts in QuarkXPress 8, QuarkXPress 8 New Font Features below is a little bit more on how the WYSIWYG font menu works, courtesy of X-Ray Magazine. (This is an excerpt from “QuarkXPress 8: a Suite Response.”)

Just another pretty face

Another Dan Logan-titled finally feature: font names displayed in their own typeface by default — in every place that font typeface options are displayed. You will find WYSIWYG fonts in the style menu, the character dialogue box, and even the measurements palette.

I think every QuarkXPress user on the planet has requested this feature, but in case I misread the poll, you can press SHIFT before choosing a font list to temporarily disable this feature. Turn it off altogether in the application preferences.

Oh, and one more thing: font formats are easily identified by the icon to the left of the name O for OpenType, TT for TrueType, and so on. Red icons indicate PostScript and green icons indicate TrueType. These icons also extend to the family menus where you will now be able to easily identify when you have mixed font formats — and choose whether or not to mix them up in your document.


A WYSIWYG font list may be the most requested feature.

Along with the new font list, QuarkXPress 8 also logically sorts the entries. East Asian fonts (e.g., Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese) are not just thrown into an alphabetical listing. They are now divided into common-sense groups. It is also OS sensitive so that if using a Japanese OS, those fonts would list higher in the category rankings.

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5 Responses to “QuarkXPress 8: WYSIWYG Font Menus”


    I am using Quark 8 in Pc
    Problem just arose when using post script Red Open fonts
    they vanish when i try to increase font size.
    Can not find a fix.

    Can you help?


  2. Jay Nelson Says:

    Robert: I wish I had a solution for you… maybe delete the font caches on your PC?

  3. Dian Courtright Says:

    Same problem as Robert. Wondering if it’s a Quark upgrade problem.

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