How to Tell Which Version Created Any QuarkXPress Document

I was asked this question the other day:

“How can you quickly determine what version of QuarkXPress a document was created in. Get Info does not reveal this.”

By “Get Info”, he’s referring the File> Get Info feature in Mac OS X that shows detailed information about a file. And he’s right. Here’s what you have to do instead:

From within QuarkXPress, choose File> Open. When you select any QuarkXPress document in the Open dialog box, information about that document appears at the bottom of the Open dialog box — including the version of QuarkXPress that created the document, and the last version that saved it.

How to Tell Which Version Created Any QuarkXPress Document

This project was created in QuarkXPress 3.31 and last saved by QuarkXPress 8

This information is easily overlooked in the rush to get projects completed, so I’m not surprised that he didn’t notice it. But there it is — and now you know!

Jay Nelson is the editorial director of, and the editor and publisher of Design Tools Monthly. He’s also the author of the QuarkXPress 8 and QuarkXPress 7 training titles at, as well as the training videos Quark includes in the box with QuarkXPress 7 . In addition, Jay writes regularly for Macworld and Photoshop User magazines and speaks at industry events.

4 thoughts on “How to Tell Which Version Created Any QuarkXPress Document

  1. Ah! I was looking for this the other day. Thanks Jay!

  2. Ted Hoyt

    Does this work if the version that created a Quark file is HIGHER than the version of the software you are using? I’m unable to able Quark docs in Quark 7.31 — and the open file dialog isn’t giving me any information about the file. For “Version” is says “Unknown,” and for “Created” it’s just blank. The error message “This document cannot be opened by this version of QuarkXPress [16]” is returned.

  3. Ted: it sure doesn’t! I guess software can’t know what the future brings…

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