Will QuarkXPress Run on Leopard?

Apple will be releasing Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” this Friday, October 26th. Will QuarkXPress work with it? The short answer is:

QuarkXPress: quite probably
Quark Interactive Designer: not yet

Based on Quark’s official proclamations at their online forums, QuarkXPress 7.3 is running nicely on Leopard. But just in case, Quark plans to release a free update in the next few weeks to catch any glitches that show up.

Quark Interactive Designer will require an update for Leopard. Versions 1.0 and 1.01 currently won’t export files, but otherwise they work normally. Keep an eye on Quark’s Quark Interactive Designer on Leopard forum for an announcement of an update.

We’ll also post news here at Planet Quark as soon as it’s available.

Jay Nelson is the editorial director of PlanetQuark.com, and the editor and publisher of Design Tools Monthly. He’s also the author of the QuarkXPress 8 and QuarkXPress 7 training titles at Lynda.com, as well as the training videos Quark includes in the box with QuarkXPress 7 . In addition, Jay writes regularly for Macworld and Photoshop User magazines and speaks at industry events.

51 thoughts on “Will QuarkXPress Run on Leopard?

  1. Bennett Gavrish

    Hi – I use Quark 6.5 for work, and I was wondering if you could also post if 6.5 will work with Leopard.


  2. That’s an excellent and necessary question. (Although you really should upgrade to 7. Yes, it’s that much better.)

    I’ll see what I can find out. Hang tight.

  3. Bennett Gavrish

    Thank you sooo much –

    I really want to upgrade to Leopard, and I work for the school newspaper which is still running Xpress 6.5.

    If worst comes to worst I can probably upgrade to Xpress 7, because 6.5 files can open on 7 – is that correct?

  4. You’re going to have to upgrade to version 7. I just heard from Quark that version 6.5 won’t be compatible with Leopard. But like I said, it’s totally worth it to upgrade. Version 7 is way way way better, and the upgrade is going for about $249 these days. ($297 bundled with Quark InteractiveDesigner.)

  5. Olivier Lepetit

    And what about QPS on Leopard ?
    When we try to connect to a Dispatch Server, Xpress (and CopyDesk and the others) bug directly…
    Any advice ?

  6. Which version of QPS? I would assume that the same considerations apply: if QPS 7, then it should work. If earlier, then not.

  7. Olivier Lepetit

    My question is for QPS 3.5.2 and for 3.6…

  8. I checked with Quark, and they said:

    “QPS 7 offers our customers the greatest benefits, features and stability and is optimized for Mac OS 10.4 Tiger, since many of our enterprise customers will not switch to Mac OS 10.5 Leopard immediately. We plan on releasing an update to QPS 7 that is optimized to fully support Mac OS 10.5 Leopard next year. The update will be free to existing QPS 7 customers as a download from the Quark web site. We do not currently have plans to optimize previous versions of QPS for either system.”

    In other words, just like every other company, they’re not guaranteeing that versions other than their current version will work on Leopard, nor will they be updating those older versions to do so.

  9. Nikki

    Question: I am in OS 9.2 I have Quark 4.1 I am going to buy the Leopard now and do I do that and then can I get the upgrade to the Quark 7 ? Not sure how that works. Any help would be appreciated.

  10. It’s easy. Upgrade to Leopard, and then upgrade to QuarkXPress 7. Be sure to also download the QuarkXPress 7.3 updater, if your version of QuarkXPress 7 is lower than that.

  11. Nikki

    Thanks so much for you quick responce and help!!

  12. Diane

    Hello. Do you know .. Will Quark 4.1 work on OSX? Not sure if I can re-load it on my new computer. Or do I need to buy the upgraate to use it on 10. Thanks so much.

  13. QuarkXPress 4 and 5 run natively in Mac OS 9, which is supported through the “Classic environment” in Mac OS X 104 and earlier. However, the Classic environment does not run on Intel Macs or on Leopard.

    So, if you want to continue using QuarkXPress 4 or 5, you’ll need to run Mac OS X 10.4 or earlier on a PowerPC Mac. You won’t be able to use any of the currently available models, which all use Intel processors.

    I hope this helps!

    P.S. QuarkXPress 7 absolutely rocks. You’ll like it a lot more than any previous version, especially on a new Mac. No kidding.

  14. TOCHE11

    will classic documents in quark xpress 4.0open once i get quark 7 on my g4 with leopard 10.5???

  15. All your old QuarkXPress documents should open in QuarkXPress 7, but I’d keep an older Mac around that can run QuarkXPress 4, just in case you have trouble. Problems are rare, but they do occur.

  16. Craig

    I just installed Leopard and upgraded to QuarkXpress 7.31. I can print from all of my other programs, but not Quark. Any ideas?

  17. Not really… Quark does offer 24-hour free technical support by phone and in my experience they know what they’re doing: 800-676-4575

  18. Bill

    Do I need a running version of Quark to upgrade to 7? I use 3.3 and 4.1 on my G4 PPC but I now have a Intel-based Imac that I want to install QXP 7 on. How do I do that without buying a full-version again?

  19. Bill: I would definitely check with Quark about that, but my impression is that you can pay for the upgrade, and they’ll give you a complete new copy of QuarkXPress. You may need your previous serial number to install it, but that should be it.

    Quark’s being VERY reasonable these days, so you shouldn’t have any trouble. Just give them a call.

  20. Diane

    I’m getting ready to purchase a new imac. I’m currently using QXP 4.1 w/OS9. Should I download 4.1 and upgrade to the latest version of
    Quark or start over…just buying the latest version of Qaurk?

  21. Hi Diane. You won’t be able to run 4.1 on your new Mac because Intel Macs (and Leopard) don’t run Classic at all, which is required to run 4.1.

    So yes, upgrade to version 7 now, so you’ll get the version 8 upgrade for free later in July. :-)

  22. Steve

    Regarding Quark 7. I work with another company that needs to access my Quark files. If I’m working on 7 and they’re still on 6.5, can I save my documents as a 6.5 file for them to open?

  23. Hi Steve. Yes, just as every version of QuarkXPress has done, this one lets you save down by one version number. So, you can save down to version 6 from version 7.

  24. marguerite

    I have quarkxpress 4.1 ., pagemaker 6.5 AND PHOTOSHOP 6.01 When I installed leopard I am not able to open ant of them.

  25. That’s true! All of those old programs require either Mac OS 9 or Apple’s “Classic” environment within Mac OS X to run. Since Leopard does not have Classic, those apps won’t run on it. If your Mac can run on Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4), you’ll be able to run those old programs. Otherwise… it’s time to upgrade your software.

  26. Ada

    Will Quark 7 work on Mac OS X 10.3.9 Panther?

  27. BBHC Graphics

    We are looking at upgrading from 7.3 to 8, and to Leopard. Any word on problems being run into with Quark 8 on the Leopard operating system.

  28. PinkAsimov

    And when do the update 7.4 (both Xpress and QPS) will be realease ?
    Quark have mntion it for mid july, and there’s nothing for now……

  29. Ada: QuarkXPress 7 was built for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, much as QuarkXPress 8 was built for 10.5 Leopard. Yes, they’ll run on those earlier OSes, but you may encounter some strangeness. With each of those OS upgrades, Apple changed quite a bit of the underlying mechanisms for print, file management, color management, etc.

    However, many people are using XPress 7 on Panther and XPress 8 on Tiger with minimal trouble. It just depends on your particular workflow, OS setup, network, fonts, phase of the moon, altitude, and birth sign. (Just kidding about those last three, of course.)

  30. BBHC: QuarkXPress 8 loves Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. It was built using Leopard, and in fact takes advantage of some of its unique features such as Quick Look previews within a project window.

    I’ve been using XPress 8 on Leopard for quite a few months, and am enjoying it. I’ve heard grumblings from some users about the color management in Leopard not working well, so if that’s critical to your work, I would look into that. Maybe Google Quark 8 Leopard 10.5 color management?

  31. PinkAsimov: I don’t know Quark’s release schedule, but now that XPress 8 is completely out the door, I imagine they’ll be releasing an update for XPress 7 pretty soon.

    We’ll be the first to mention it (I hope) when it’s released.

    Adobe does a similar thing with InDesign, so that the older version can better understand documents saved down from the newer version.

  32. Ada: I have to correct myself. Quark’s press release indicates that the minimum requirement for QuarkXPress 8 is Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or higher. So… I would expect it to behave itself on Tiger.

  33. MAWillcock

    Can someone please tell me where identification code is on Quark 7.

    Thank you

    M A Willcock

  34. Jay Nelson

    @MA: On mine, if I hold down the Option key when I choose QuarkXPress> About QuarkXPress, it shows a special window containing all that info. If you’re using Windows, try using Alt instead. (?)

  35. Renee

    My “new to me” macbook pro laptop is running Snow Leopard. I installed my Quark 6.5 on it and it won’t run. I can open files but if I make any changes or make a text box it quits. If I save the file it won’t open again.
    Do I need to purchase Quark 8? If so, what are the offers?

  36. Jay Nelson

    Renee: Your experience sounds about right. We’ve warned people about using Quark 6.5 on Snow Leopard for quite some time now. You’ll definitely want to upgrade, not just because you have to, but because Quark 8 is phenomenally better than 6.5. I think you can still get an upgrade for $299.

  37. Rose

    Is QuarkXpress 4.1 for Mac OS compatible with OS 10.5.8? Thanks!

  38. Ben Masters

    Hi Jay,
    Thank you for all your help here.
    I am wondering if I will benefit from the QXp8 upgrade.
    I have a print shop and have a copy of QXp7, but I rarely use it.
    I am still using 4.11 for several reasons.
    I want to know if these features are available now on QXp8 before I spend any more money.

    I have a set of extensions with the following wonderful features which makes me the fastest Quark producer in the state!!

    QX- CopyStyle. Copies the font, size, alignment from one word and applies them to other words; i.e. I don’t have to create styles, but simply copy “styles” from one or more characters to as many other characters as I choose. I love Styles and use them often, but it is not an efficient use of my time for very small post cards, forms etc., where fit is crucial.

    QX- Finetune- I am able to nudge character size, kerning, leading, horiz/vert stretch, baseline shift. A very important feature is that I am able to nudge characters of several DIFFERENT sizes all together up or down in size. This feature is also able to Nudge Paragraph attributes such as Indents, first line indent, Spacing, leading, drop caps. I can also nudge Rules and Objects in several ways. These are essential for me since I am always tweaking text for best fit and ease of reading. This one Extension has prevented me from fully moving over to QX7.

    QX- Glossary- A Library of saved images and text which I can paste into a new container with one click.

    QX- Find/Change- Finds characters by several attributes and replaces them with characters of many new attributes.

    Gluon Pro Grids and Guides.- An indispensible tool for complex layouts. Makes Guides in any color.

    I also have a very useful imposition extension called X-Dream Bookletizer. Is such a feature available in QXp8? Other X-Dream features: Count Text, Convert Case, Create Crop and Registration Marks (Absolutely essential)- Change colors.

    The other Must Extension for me is BadiaContact Page. This extension has saved me more time than any other extension as I import hundreds of scanned images into Quark when I am making books or booklets of documents that are not avaialble in digital format.

    Other important features I use.
    – The Spell Checker in QXp4 is almost useless.
    – Ungroup ALL.
    – Unlock ALL.
    – Center Box on Page- Exactly Centers the Text or Image Box on the page.
    – Fit Box to Picture and Fit Picture to Box with one click. I am a stickler when it comes to preventing the overlapping of Boxes. I am still pining after a feature in Ready Set Go (RSG) where I could exactly Fit a Text box to the enclosed text with one click. I cannot tell you how many of my customers get into trouble because they have overlapping text and picture boxes and do not know where they are inserting text or create a text box for every line of entry on a page!!
    – I also want to be able to have more than One Linked Text box on the Master page. I can’t believe this is not available in Quark. RSG had it 15 years ago. Numbering tickets is such a chore without this feature.

    Please tell me I can move on to QXp8 and still fly thru my layouts!!

  39. Jay Nelson

    Rose: It depends. QuarkXPress 4 runs only on Mac OS 9 (or earlier) or the Classic environment of Mac OS X. Here’s a story we ran in Design Tools Monthly back in 2006:

    Mac OS 9 applications will not run on Intel Macs because Mac OS X’s Classic environment won’t run on Intel Macs. Period. If you have some Mac OS 9 applications that you absolutely need to run, be sure to keep a PowerPC Mac around.

    So, if you have a PowerPC Mac, you should be OK.

  40. Jay Nelson

    Ben: Overall, you’re going to lose some efficiencies from your third-party XTensions, and gain others from how Quark has changed things in QXP 8. In my opinion, version 8 is by far the most efficient version since version 4.

    Here’s my best shot, and I encourage others to correct me!

    QX- CopyStyle: no
    QX- Finetune: mostly — the new Measurements palette has up/down arrows
    QX- Glossary: no
    QX- Find/Change: yes
    Gluon Pro Grids and Guides: yes
    X-Dream Bookletizer (from Vision’s Edge): no
    Count Text: only in spell checker
    Convert Case: yes
    Create Crop and Registration Marks: yes, through a free script
    Change colors: yes
    BadiaContact Page: no
    Spell Checker: much improved
    Ungroup ALL: no
    Unlock ALL: no
    Center Box on Page: no, but there are workarounds (place non-printing page-sized box on master page, then align to that)
    Fit Box to Picture and Fit Picture to Box with one click: yes: use keyboard shortcut or right-click
    more than One Linked Text box on the Master page: no

  41. Ben Masters

    Thank you Jay for getting back to me.
    Unfortunately it looks like I am going to retire on Quark 4.11!!
    Too bad

  42. Lucille Bergevin

    I can not print a document in full letter size with my Quark 7.31 and my new Mac OS X 10.6.5 (Snow Leopard). I can print normally in Word but as soon as a switch to Quark the printing size shrinks to about 25per cent. Please help

  43. Lucille: I’m not a tech support person, but I’ve run into something like this before (I think). You didn’t say what kind of printer you’re using, but if it’s a PostScript printer then you’ll want to choose the correct PPD for your printer when you’re printing. Otherwise, you may be inadvertently defaulting to the CUPS printing system in Mac OS X — which often doesn’t know the details of your specific printer.

    You normally only have to do this once — you can then save your Output Setup as a preset. For more info on this, have a look at my story at Macworld.com: “Mastering printing in QuarkXPress” at http://www.macworld.com/article/155390/2010/11/quarkprint.html

  44. Kathy Kemp

    I’m using Quark 7.31 on an imac OSX 10.4.11. I’m considering buying a new imac that will have OSX 10.6.5 (snow leopard) on it. Will Quark 7.31 work with OSX 10.6.5?

  45. Kathy: you should be OK, but maybe with a few non-fatal glitches. You’ll be better served by getting QuarkXPress 8, which flies on Snow Leopard. It’s still just $299 to upgrade.

  46. Kathy Kemp

    Wow! Thanks for such a quick answer! If I get the new imac, I’ll have to save more pennies until I can get the quark upgrade :-) Thanks again for your help!

  47. claudio


    I use Xpress 8.5 (in Italian) with Leopard 10.5.8 and some with Italian keyboard shortcuts do not work.
    The keyboard shortcut to reduce 1 point the font size doesn’t work (apple + ALT + SHIFT + ‘)
    I spoke with the assistance of Quark, but did not help. you ideas fix it? I’m sure because it depends on 10.5.8 on another Mac is the same. thanks


  48. gis4gucci

    I currently have Quark xpress 6.0, and running Snow Leopard. I’ll be upgrading to Lion by end of year. I can’t open any files at this point. I realize I have to upgrade, but what are my options? Will 9.0 open my 6.0 files? Will Lion create a new set of issues if I upgrade to 9.0 now?
    What do you suggest?

  49. gis4gucci: As always, QuarkXPress opens its own legacy files. In other words, yes, 9 will open documents created in 6. As for Lion, I’ve heard that the upcoming 9.1 is fully certified for Lion. I would wait for 9.1, and in the meantime figure out which (if any) of your other apps will have problems in Lion.

  50. charlot

    I’ve been using regularly Quark 8 with no problems and suddenly as of yesterday it just won´t open again! In the middle of a big project almost finished! I;ve tried reinstalling the programa, restarting the machine, making more free space available and still no results. I’m pretty desperate… Could you please, please try and giving me an advice as to what I can do to get it working again?

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