27. May 2016


Will QuarkXPress 2016 change the publishing landscape?

Interesting article about how QuarkXPress 2016 might change the “DTP game”:



“The thing is, it isn’t Quark’s new features that take it right past Adobe InDesign. It’s the other things.”

Let us know what you think please!

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25. May 2016


Lynda.com publishes QuarkXPress 2016 Training

Lynda.com has just released a new 5:44 hour training course about QuarkXPress 2016, featuring Mike Rankin:


QuarkXPress 2016 Essential Training

QuarkXPress is one of the original page layout applications. The most recent version, 2016, is a powerful and compelling alternative to popular competitors like Adobe InDesign. This course will teach you the essential skills you need to use QuarkXPress for professional publishing projects, both print and digital.

Mike Rankin covers the interface and preferences, and the basics of working with documents, master pages, layers, and items (the design elements of a QuarkXPress layout). He then goes over how to import text, format it, and control alignment, leading, and spacing around paragraph and text boxes. There are chapters dedicated to tables, images, and interactivity, as well as the output and publishing options in QuarkXPress, including EPUB and HTML5. Focus on just the topics you need to complete your next layout, or watch the entire course to master the desktop publishing workflow.

Topics include:
•    What is QuarkXPress?
•    Setting preferences
•    Creating new documents and pages
•    Moving and merging layers in QuarkXPress
•    Using the Bézier Pen tool
•    Importing and editing text
•    Applying fonts
•    Working with bullets and numbering
•    Using style sheets
•    Creating anchored text boxes
•    Formatting tables
•    Controlling color and opacity
•    Adding hyperlinks, video, and animation
•    Exporting QuarkXPress files

The course is part of the Lynda.com subscription package. $25/month for basic membership (watch as many courses as you like) or $35/month for premium membership, which includes exercise files (watch as many courses as you like). Full details here: http://www.lynda.com/plans?nmab=content#see_all


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23. May 2016


QuarkXPress 2016 is available now


QuarkXPress 2016 has been released

More info here: http://quark.com/2016

Press release here: http://www.quark.com/en/About_Quark/Press/PressDetail.aspx?ncid=2196


If you want to try it, here’s the Test Drive (trial version):

Download the 3-day-trial immediately or request the 30-day-trial.


Let us know what you think please.


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23. May 2016


Quick guide to HTML5 Publications

The new HTML5 Publications in QuarkXPress 2016 can give you a similar experience as apps just in a browser.

Maybe you had used App Studio apps, Adobe DPS apps, Twixl apps or any other system/solution before and like the power that native apps can deliver. However, maybe your business model doesn’t allow reoccurring payments or download fees.

That’s where HTML5 Publications can maybe be a solution for you, they work almost like apps, just they play in a web browser. That has one huge advantage, you are not limited to mobile devices (works on OS X and Windows too). The disadvantage may be that if you need a store front, you have to implement this yourself.

HTML5 Publications do not create any additional costs, all you need – besides QuarkXPress 2016 – is a web server where you host them, which probably will cost you some fees. Of course you can use your existing webserver that you may have.

Three steps to convert a print layout into HTML5 Publications

  1. In QuarkXPress 2016 choose menu “Layout > Duplicate” and duplicate it as a “Digital” layout (not “Print”):
  2. Preview using the button in the lower left corner of the document window
    OR Export (using “File > Export > As HTML5 Publication”):
  3. Put the exported folder on a web server (e.g. via FTP):

Of course if you do not want to start with Print, you can also create a digital layout from scratch.

And if you want to make your HTML5 Publication more interactive, add a step 2a) in between: Open HTML5 palette and add enrichments:
HTML5 Palette




Can’t see your publication? Don’t double click index.html, it won’t work:


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